What is the shipping amount?

Within Croatia, the delivery of the order is charged 5,00€, and the delivery of an order whose value is 660,00€ or more euro is free. For all other countries, delivery is charged 33,00€ regardless of the amount of the order.

What if the package delivered to me is damaged? Am I obligated to take it?

If you notice that the package is damaged, you are not obliged to pick it up, but you can request a new shipment. We need to be informed about this at the e-mail address

What if I’m not at the shipping address when the courier arrives?

The delivery person will contact you and try to arrange a new delivery date, which is why we need your mobile phone number. If you do not receive the package within 8 days, be sure to contact us at so ​​that we can track down the shipment as soon as possible.

After how long can I expect the ordered product to be delivered?

The product will be delivered within a maximum of 8 working days after you receive an email notification stating that the package has been sent.

How is delivery made?

Items ordered through the MALEZA webshop are sent by express delivery of the courier service within 8 working days from the moment you receive the notification that the order has been sent.